The Regression Analysis
     Program BILIN

  Bilinear Model

(H. Kubinyi, 1976)
The Program BILIN is an MS-DOS program for linear and nonlinear 
multiple regression analyses. Whereas its applicability to larger 
datasets is limited, two big advantages are its speed in the 
automated calculation of thousands of regression equations and 
the user-friendly output of the results, in the same style as a 
regression model is published in the literature, including all 
statistical parameters as well as crossvalidation results (as 
an option; not available for bilinear regression equations). 
Several different languages can be chosen (see explanations in 

To install the program, download the file BILIN.ZIP, unzip it
(all files are checked to be free of any viruses) and store all files
in a new folder, e.g. C:\BILIN\.

Together with the program and data files, you find the file BILIN.PDF
which you should study first, before any other action.

Then you may run the program BILIN.EXE following the instructions in
BILIN.PDF (start only from the DOS prompt, not from Windows).

Examples are contained in the files

Please send me any comments that you may find appropriate.

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